SMART paint repair for your car

SMART Teesside specialise in small and medium area paint repairs for customers in Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough and across Teesside. We are always happy to give advice regarding any paint damage you have on your car. Even if we can't fix the damage using a SMART repair, we can usually put you in touch with someone who can do larger, more complex repairs at a competitive price. Just call 07840 369701.

How much does a SMART repair cost?

SMART paint repairs typically cost between £80 - £120 depending on the time involved. We can offer savings if you have multiple repairs done on the same day. We will give you an accurate price for your repair once we have had chance to examine the damage and prior to you agreeing for any work to start. If your vehicle has multiple scratches, scuffs and scrapes we offer a package based on a daily rate of £240. 

Why choose SMART Teesside?

SMART Teesside offers an alternative service to traditional bodyshops. The technique we use, to repair damaged paintwork on your car, concentrates on repairing just the damage, a body shop will normally respray a much larger area of the vehicle, which takes more time, more material and as a result more cost.

How does a SMART repair compare to a bodyshop repair?

This is a good question and this is where we feel our operators come into their own. A SMART repair is suitable to repair paintwork damage on certain areas of your car, and our specialist operators can quickly identify whether the damage to your car can be fixed using a SMART repair.

If the damage to your vehicle is extensive or in the middle of a large flat panel, then it usually means a trip to the body shop is required.  Fortunately most vehicles today have lots of smaller surfaces consisting of curves and angles which all reflect light slightly differently.  It's the way the light reflects off your car that allows SMART repairs to work. If we applied a small area of paint on a large flat surface, the resulting repair may not blend in perfectly. (This is why a body shop will respray a much larger area of the vehicle to achieve a good repair). A SMART repair works best when the area that is damaged is either curved or part of a smaller panel on your car. See examples of our repairs in the gallery below:

Gallery of Paint Repairs

rear wheel arch damage repaired using a SMART repair

Ford Fiesta rear wheel arch damage

Rear wheel arch damage repaired using a SMART repair Rear wheel arch damage repaired using a SMART repair The damaged area is sanded back until the wheel arch is smooth The damaged area is primed The top coat of blue is applied The completed repair with lacquer finish

Finished repair to scraped rear quarter

Rear quarter repair Toyota

The damage to this vehicle is typical of the sort of repair work we do, caused by contact with another vehicle in a car park.

Damaged area to bumper.

Bumper Repair to Toyota Avensis

Damaged area to bumper. Any damage is sanded back to a smooth shape. The masked area is extended back to allow the respray to be blended in starting with a primer layer. The exterior paint finish is matched and feathered in with the original paintwork. A clear coat is applied. The finished job, what do […]