Multiple scratches, scuffs & scrapes

Has your car picked up a lot of damage over the years?

SMART Teesside can dramatically  improve the look of your car in just one day for a fixed price of £240. Call 07840369701 or email for more information on this offer.

An operator will visit you to give a free, no obligation assessment of the condition of your cars bodywork, outlining areas to be addressed and what to expect from the completed repairs.

All our SMART repairs are solid, reliable repairs which we are happy to guarantee.  However, the quality of finish of some of the repairs may be compromised depending on the amount and severity of repairs to be undertaken. We stress that this particular offer is a very cost effective way to ‘tidy up’ multiple damaged areas as much as possible in one day to improve the overall appearance of the car.

Who is this service aimed at?

Our multiple scuffs & scrapes package is available to anyone with any age or condition of car. However, it is particularly suited to:
  • People with older, perfectly servicable cars who may be a bit embarrassed about their condition.
  • Cars people are looking to sell or trade in who want to achieve a higher sale price.
  • First time car buyers who want to improve the appearance of cheaper cars.

Find out more about our 1 day ‘multiple scuffs & scrapes’ offer call 07840369701 or email