Alloy wheel repair Teesside

SMART repair Teesside provide mobile repairs for alloy wheels throughout Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Ingleby Barwick and Yarm. Working from a fully fitted vehicle we are able to provide alloy wheel repairs to both chipped, scratched and curbed wheels without the expense of a complete refurbish.

How much does a SMART repair cost?

SMART alloy wheel repairs typically cost between £50 - £60 per repair. This cost usually decreases if more than one wheel needs to be done. We will give you an accurate, no obligation quote once we have had chance to examine any damage.
Our expert technicians will always advise you of the best solution for your repair, even recommending local companies who can provide a complete wheel refurbishment if that it is in your best interest.

SMART Alloy Wheel repair

Our SMART Small and Medium Area Repair Technique concentrates on repairing only the damaged area of your wheel and a high quality, guaranteed repair can normally be achieved without removing the tyre or the wheel from the car.