SMART paint repair Teesside (Small, Medium Area Repair Technique)

SMART paint repair Teesside is a mobile car paint repair service. We can perform our SMART (Small, Medium Area Repair Technique) repairs either at your home or work from our fully kitted vehicle, and if the weather isn’t suitable to do the repair at your location we will collect your vehicle to our workshop and return it to you ready to drive away.

Value for money

Kerbed wheels, scratches and bumper scuffs are not only unsightly, they can considerably drive down the resale value of a vehicle. Not too long ago, it didn’t make financial sense to fix these cosmetic problems because of the high repair cost. Now, with the innovative repair process used by SMART Teesside, it doesn’t make sense not to!

Our friendly and knowledgeable operative will come to your house and talk you through what can be done so you know exactly what to expect before making any decisions.

Same day repairs to scratches, scuffs & scrapes on your car

An auto bodyshop may take days to complete a paint repair, SMART Teesside repairs are normally completed within one day and in many cases at a fraction of the cost.

We have all the tools necessary to do your repair from our van, so we can visit you at work or home… all we ask for is access to a little water and electricity, and possibly a cup of tea!